Friday, January 8, 2016

Many U.S. Veterans Suffer from Sexual Dysfunction, Study Shows

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According to a recent study published in the journal Sexual Medicine, many of our military veterans returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and other deployments are facing sexual health problems.

Nearly 18 percent of almost 250 veterans screened at a veterans affairs medical center in Houston, were found to experience sexual dysfunction problems. To examine sexual health, clinicians asked veterans to rate their libido, arousal, vaginal lubrication and other aspects of sexual functioning on a five-item questionnaire.

About 25 percent of the veterans indicated serious problems in at least one aspect, or certain difficulties in at least three areas of their sexual functioning. Although already alarming, these numbers are likely to be even higher in actuality, since many people are reluctant to share their sexual health problems with doctors who they meet for the first time.

The study also found that sexual dysfunction problems were most likely to arise in those veterans who were female or suffered from PTSD or depression. Unfortunately, stress associated with military service and post-deployment adaptation to normal life often takes a serious toll on veterans’ sexual health and well-being.

In an attempt to treat PTSD or depression, doctors often prescribe medications that can contribute to erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation and libido problems. The only solution to this problem is to be open about your sexual health concerns and discuss them freely with your doctor, as well as with your partner. Most sexual dysfunction problems these days are treatable, and there’s absolutely no shame in wanting to be healthy.

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