Monday, January 4, 2016

Low Testosterone Linked to Decreased Income and Life Expectancy

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We all know that poverty decreases people’s life expectancy. Lack of proper medical care and healthy nutrition takes its toll on the human body. However, according to a recent study by University College London, there may be another important factor at play that makes our life clock tick faster.

Researchers found that men with lower income and educational background tend to have lower testosterone levels than those of a higher socio-economic status. More specifically, British men earning less than $9,000 a year had about 10 percent lower testosterone than those earning more than $44,000 annually.

Considering the fact that low testosterone often leads to a number of other health complications, including depression, weight gain and heart disease, it’s not surprising that in the U.K., people with higher income live up to eight years longer than the poor.

What’s more, people with less education were found to have low levels of cortisol, an adrenal hormone that is essential for regulating a number of important functions including immune responses, anti-inflammatory actions, blood pressure, and more. People with the least education also had insufficient levels of IGF proteins, the lack of which reduces mental abilities and increases the risk of cancer.

Professor Diana Kuh, of University College London said: “'These socio-economic differences in hormone systems may play a role in explaining social inequalities in health as we age.”

If you suspect that your hormonal health might be out of balance, you should consult a qualified professional as soon as possible. Hormones play a central role in the functioning of our bodies, and it is important to keep a close watch on them throughout our life.

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