Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Low Testosterone Levels in Men May Cause Atherosclerosis, Study Finds

According to research that was recently published in Clinical Endocrinology, low levels of both free and total testosterone in men are linked to an increased risk of coronary atherosclerosis.

For the Atherosclerosis study, researchers analyzed the hormone levels of more than 3,000 male participants without a previously known history of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Multiple blood samples were taken in order to measure the correlation between free testosterone and coronary artery calcium among other things.

After tallying up the data, researchers found that men with lower total testosterone had significantly higher coronary calcium levels than those men whose testosterone levels were above 9.54 to 10.4 nmol/L.

Testosterone deficiency (Low-T) is a serious medical condition that often leads to a number of health complications if left untreated. Remember to always speak with a qualified physician if you suspect that you might be affected by Low-T and don’t try to self-medicate.

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